Nutrition at AYA

AYA Fueling Spirits, Minds, and BODIES!

Thanks to the support of our faithful partners, AYA launched our first-ever School Nutrition program in December 2021. This program provides a hot breakfast, hot lunch, and after-school snack for every student at no additional cost. Before this program, AYA parents had to prepare lunches at home at their expense for the students to bring to school. While we had been providing a cold breakfast for students who needed it for many years, it was not nearly on the scale of what our new program provides. 

As we have all seen and heard so clearly during the COVID-19 pandemic, the nutrition students receive at school is vital to their physical well-being and success in the classroom. AYA’s nutrition program reaches beyond our dining hall. Through connections with our Science and P.E./Health curriculum, our students see the life cycle of their food, beginning with a hands-on experience of planting seeds in our new garden. Lessons on healthy eating habits, proper nutrition, and the benefits of regular exercise are part of our P.E. curriculum. Along with meeting their immediate needs for meals, part of our mission for this program is to provide students and their families with life-changing nutrition education for a lifetime of health.

Working in garden

Nutrition Program Video

Nutrition Committee

- Taylor Goines, Chair
- Dean Curtis T. Brown
- Chef Daniel Bryant
- Erin Conrad
- Laura Snyder

Lunch at AYA

Gifts to AYA Nutrition Program

- Anonymous
- Roberta and Reed Deupree
- Stacie and Mark Hanna
- Charles A. Frueauff Foundation
- John and Nancy Pope Charitable                    Foundation 
- Frances Wood Wilson Foundation, Inc
- AYA Auction 2021 & 2022