Learning at AYA

At AYA, our students are challenged to achieve their God-given potential. Fully invested in the lives of students, teachers at AYA guide bright minds in their formative years, preparing them for what lies ahead and leading them to pattern their lives after Christ.

in class hand up

Foundational learning principles are embedded at every grade level throughout the AYA experience. Whether it’s a pre-K student sorting rhyming words with a partner, a fourth grader being coached by a teacher during an oral presentation in science class, or an eighth grader using a graphing calculator to better understand algebra, every student’s educational experience at AYA is reflective of the school’s philosophy and mission. At AYA, the following principles guide each teacher’s approach:

  • Traditional, yet individualized instruction
  • Hands-on learning and cooperative experiences
  • Development of moral values with Christ-centered teaching
  • Student-centered learning to promote critical thinking
  • Opportunities to lead and serve within and outside the community