Tuition & Tuition Assistance

Atlanta Youth Academy takes a unique partnered approach to student tuition, which is different from the typical independent school model. Being blessed by generous gifts from individuals, foundations, and local ministries, we share a strong community belief that investing in the future of our youth will positively impact their future and ultimately the world in which we live.


Atlanta Youth Academy is committed to welcoming all qualified students regardless of ability to pay tuition. To make tuition more accessible and affordable, the fees are scaled so that families pay eight percent of gross income, opening the door to all eager students, even those from economically disadvantaged households.

Considering that the median annual income of our student families is less than $17,600, even this scaled amount is a sacrifice. However, there still remains a significant gap between the tuition paid and the actual cost of education for each student. We depend upon community support to bridge this gap. This equates to average of $15,000 per child annually.