Hear stories from our alumni on how their experiences at AYA impacted their lives and prepared them for the future.

Raina Williams | AYA 2015

Aaron Hobson | AYA 2019

Lemiaya Dean | AYA 2018

Yulissa Gerard | AYA 2022

Caleb Croft | AYA 2013

Jaquez Dew | AYA 2016

Stephanie Simpson | AYA 2014

  • Atlanta Youth Academy

    “AYA prepared me incredibly well to navigate the rigor of high school level academic courses.”

    Jaquez Dew

    AYA Class of 2016 | Whitefield Academy 2020 | Alcorn State University 2024
  • Atlanta Youth Academy

    “I’ll never forget AYA’s supportive community filled with friends, teachers, staff, and mentors.”

    Judith Lara

    AYA Class of 2023 | The Lovett School Class of 2027
  • Atlanta Youth Academy

    “Whether it was leading a chapel service, interviewing prospective teachers, or directing a philanthropic endeavor, students of all ages were encouraged to embrace stewardship and take an active approach to their AYA experience.”

    Tyree Rush

    AYA Class of 2006 | Media Relations Coordinator, MSNBC
  • Atlanta Youth Academy

    “AYA taught me to take pride in who I am and what I represent.”

    LeMiaya Dean

    AYA Class of 2018 | Woodward Academy 2022 | Mercer University 2026
  • Atlanta Youth Academy

    “It only takes a small amount of time each month to TRULY make a difference on an individual level in the Beck Library.”

    C. Aebersold

    AYA Library Volunteer