The AYA Mentoring Program began in January 2016 with 10 students matched with 10 mentors. Currently, AYA has over 60 mentors visiting students monthly, with the hopes of one day having a mentor for each student at Atlanta Youth Academy. The AYA Mentoring Program seeks to connect people from the community with our students at AYA who are in need of positive role models. We ask AYA Mentors for a longer engagement with our students:

  • Be committed. Only sign up to be a mentor if you are willing to commit for the year.
  • Be dependable. Come once or twice a month during the planned time.

“AYA’s mentor program is truly the best thing that could’ve happened to me. Taylor teaches me so much more than I ever could teach her. This program has grown my faith in ways I haven’t seen before. Every time I leave AYA, I am the happiest version of myself—and I owe it entirely to these kids.”

After receiving a background check from the mentor, the mentor will be paired with a student. The mentor will visit his/her mentee once or twice a month for up to an hour during a designated time (breakfast, lunch, recess, after-care, or as indicated by classroom teacher). During the visit, the mentor will build a relationship with a child by talking, listening, and encouraging them in order to support their spiritual, mental, and academic growth. Examples of things mentors can do with their mentee: eat lunch, play on the playground, play a game, read a book, or work on schoolwork.

Email Lyn Cook with questions or call 404-924-2686.

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Build a relationship and make a difference throughout the year, working one-on-one with a student, to encourage their spiritual, mental, and academic growth.

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  • Atlanta Youth Academy

    “Mentoring is one of the most rewarding opportunities I’ve experienced in our community. Visiting Efrem on a monthly basis awards me valuable lessons and a chance to pour into him; from homework help to a little life advice.”

    Chapman Wilkinson

    AYA Board of Trustees/Mentor
  • Atlanta Youth Academy

    “Mentoring at AYA reminds me to continue to allow God to lead my path because I have others watching and looking up to me. Seeing my mentee and the other students each week gives me more joy than I could ever bring to them!”

    Princess Petrus

    AYA Mentor