Friends of AYA

Being a young professional and finding time to volunteer in the Atlanta community can be tough. We are a group of recent college graduates that wanted to give to the Atlanta community in a way that could be realistically managed with our schedules and career stages. As we considered our opportunities, we knew we wanted to find an organization that allowed for flexible volunteering hours while also providing a way to engage and benefit children. It was important to not only find an organization that valued our skills and desire to give as young adults.

AYA has enabled us to volunteer through their extremely flexible mentoring program while also welcoming our fundraising efforts through Cartwheel, our signature event. The purpose of Cartwheel is to provide capital and scholarships for AYA.

Offering a three year commitment to fundraising for the Atlanta Youth Academy, our goal is to sponsor tuition for two children in year one ($25,000), four children and a donation towards the expansion of the school in year two ($75,000), and five children’s tuition as well as another contribution toward their expansion in year three ($100,000). Through our event sponsors, the sale of Fun Run tickets, and the sale of Cartwheel tickets, we will be able to meet our fundraising commitment a reality.

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