Campaign 2020

Celebrating 20 years of transformation!

To celebrate our 20th anniversary, we launched a $20 million, 5-year comprehensive campaign to ensure that our students have every opportunity to transform their lives, our city, and our world. Below is an update on the campaign as of April 2020:

Through this campaign, we seek to make a strong education even better - providing a more well-rounded experience and the right facilities in which to deliver it.

Our goal is to raise gifts and pledges of $11.5M to support the New Initiatives from the Strategic Plan (including capital/building expenditures as well as growing our endowment) while also raising $8.5M to support our ongoing operating needs through our Annul Fund, Auction and SSO participation. We are pleased to report gifts and pledges to date totaling more than $18M towards our overall $20M goal.

For more information on participating in this initiative, please contact Peter Rooney at 404-966-0177 or Erin Conrad at 404-924-2682.

AYA's 20 year story!

A sneak peek into the campus transformation!

For more information on participating in Campaign 2020, please contact us:

 Peter Rooney at 404-966-0177 

Erin Conrad at 404-924-2682

Atlanta History Center - Event Photos
Thank you, to our Campaign 2020 Committee Members:
  • Sunny & Lee Burrows, Co-Chair
  • Sivan & Jeff Hines, Co-Chair
  • Bo Briggs
  • Kim Daugherty
  • John C. Hamilton
  • Ponder Harrison
  • Roger Key
  • Robert Long
  • Cooper Mills
  • Bill Ragland
  • Erwin Reid
  • Jay Simms
  • McKittrick Simmons
  • Ben Teague
  • Larry Teem