Campaign 2020

Celebrating 20 years of transformation!

To celebrate our 20th anniversary, Atlanta Youth Academy launched a $20 million, 5-year comprehensive campaign to ensure that our students have every opportunity to transform their lives, our city, and our world.

Through this campaign, we seek to make a strong education even better - providing a more well-rounded experience and the right facilities in which to deliver it.

Our goal is to raise gifts and pledges of $11.5M to support the New Initiatives from the Strategic Plan (including capital/building expenditures as well as growing our endowment) while also raising $8.5M to support our ongoing operating needs through our Annul Fund, Auction and SSO participation. We are pleased to report gifts and pledges to date totaling more than $18M towards our overall $20M goal.

For more information on participating in this initiative, please contact Peter Rooney at 404-966-0177 or Erin Conrad at 404-924-2682.

For more information on participating in Campaign 2020, please contact us:

 Peter Rooney at 404-966-0177 

Erin Conrad at 404-924-2682

AYA's 20 year story!

Atlanta History Center - Event Photos
Thank you, to our Campaign 2020 Committee Members:
  • Sunny & Lee Burrows, Co-Chair
  • Sivan & Jeff Hines, Co-Chair
  • Bo Briggs
  • Kim Daugherty
  • John C. Hamilton
  • Ponder Harrison
  • Roger Key
  • Robert Long
  • Cooper Mills
  • Bill Ragland
  • Erwin Reid
  • Jay Simms
  • McKittrick Simmons
  • Ben Teague
  • Larry Teem