A Culture of Integrity

All AYA students pledge their adherence to our Honor Code at a chapel at the beginning each year.  This is a standard to which they are held by our school community throughout the year.

All 3rd – 8th grade students sign the following pledge to outline how they will specifically manifest the principles of the Honor Code: 

“My desire is to honor God, my school, my family, and my friends.  Therefore, I pledge to commit myself to a daily lifestyle that reflects honesty, integrity, trust, and respect for God, my peers, authorities over me, and all property.  I willingly acknowledge that this lifestyle does not condone lying, cheating, stealing, and other dishonorable acts that would bring grief and shame to God, my school, and to me.  I know that the Bible says in Proverbs 21:3 that doing what is right and fair pleases God more than an offering.  Consequently, I am committing myself to the Honor Code, and by doing so, I am demonstrating my appreciation and respect for Atlanta Youth Academy, my family, my friends, and most of all, the Lord Jesus Christ.”

Honor Code | 3rd—8th Grade

All Pre-K – 2nd grade students sign a more simple version to express their intention to follow the Honor Code:  

“I pledge today to do my best
In reading , math and all the rest
I promise to obey the rules
In my class and in the school.
I’ll respect myself and others too,
I’ll expect the best in all I do.
I am here to learn all I can,
To try my best and be all I am.”

Honor Code | Pre-K—2nd Grade

Spiritual Activity

Middle School Retreat

Students gather for weekly chapel which includes praise and worship, scripture memory, and a Biblical lesson.  These gatherings are most often with the collective school community.

Our middle school students enjoy monthly Bible Study gatherings. The students are grouped by age and gender to foster the safest possible environment for transparency and growth. 

All students have Bible as part of their weekly classroom curriculum.

Service Learning

Serving others, a hallmark of the Christian faith, is an important part of a student’s learning at AYA. Teachers encourage students to widen their perspective by learning about needs within the local and global community. Through service initiatives, students learn the power of participation as well as leadership since they are encouraged to take an active role in addressing needs within the community.

Throughout the school year, students take part in several service opportunities to help instill the value of putting others before themselves. Several service learning are provided to students throughout the year, and a selected list includes:

  • Thanksgiving Food Drive
  • Christmas Clothing Drive
  • Monthly Service Project Through Jr. Beta Club 
  • 8th Grade Philanthropy Initiative
  • Atlanta Youth Academy

    “I love AYA because we get to praise the Lord, and I love the Lord!”

    Cameron C.

    AYA Class of 2029
  • Atlanta Youth Academy

    “When you walk in the door at AYA you feel welcome. The focus is on God and each child’s future.”

    Tango Howard Lemon

    AYA Parent
  • Atlanta Youth Academy

    “The other students and families at AYA have become like my extended family. The love we share for one another is truly an Agape love that I believe God created for all to experience. It’s so great we can experience that in our school.”

    Donyal Andrews

    AYA Parent