GISA and Cognia Accreditation

As Atlanta Youth Academy celebrated our 20th Anniversary in 2018, it was a pivotal time in our school’s development. We knew it was time as an educational institution for us to seek the highest accreditation and the highest review of our policies and procedures. Thanks to the strong foundation that had been established for AYA, we felt confident taking this bold step forward, but like all-things, this process was quickly forced to an abrupt halt during the COVID-19 pandemic. In the fall of 2021, our accreditation process began once again in earnest, and we hit the ground running with the Georgia Independent School Association (GISA) team.

We are thrilled to officially announce that on November 28, 2022, the Georgia Independent School Association Accreditation Committee unanimously voted to grant GISA Accreditation to Atlanta Youth Academy. Not only is this honor a monumental milestone for our school, but this automatically gives AYA approval for the renowned Cognia accreditation. Cognia is the top accreditation available as part of a global network of enthusiastic educators available to help strengthen schools using a holistic approach to continuous improvement.

One of the final steps in the accreditation process involved a multi-day site visit from the GISA Accreditation Visiting Team. It’s our honor to share with you a few take-aways the Visiting Team expressed about our school:

  • “The commitment of the dedicated AYA colleagues is evident in their passion for teaching students who not only receive an enriched, multi-faceted curriculum but who also know they are loved and nurtured.”
  • “AYA’s mission permeates every aspect of the school community and family from the leadership of the President and the commitment of the colleagues, to the support of the parents and dedicated Boards.”
  • “The stories of student success against all odds are many and serve as lighthouses for those who follow behind them.”

Having read these encouraging words, it’s now time we thank YOU. Your commitment to our school has made this giant stride in our development possible, and we are eternally grateful for your support!

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